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Hope: CD

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“Thoughtful and compelling. Calhoun’s use of traditional folk music enhances his unbelievably powerful imagery.” – Performing Songwriter

“I have always placed Andrew’s songs among the most uplifting music I know. He writes in the tradition of songwriters like Pierce Pettis and Leonard Cohen and poets like Emily Dickinson and Edna St. Vincent Millay whose sense of humor is underrated because their suffering and faith are so great. The characters in Andrew’s songs wrestle in the dark and, no, they they don’t always win. But their ongoing struggles reveal all that is most noble in them-and us. “You Better Get a Lawyer,”; “Balls,”; and “Glad Old Man”; show his brilliant lighter side as he deals with divorce, machismo, and aging; “If”; (a duet with Kat Eggleston) and “She’s Like The Autumn”; are passionate love lyrics; “Survivor”; and “Veteran”; are the album’s centerpieces – soul scorching, impressionistic journeys to the other side of pain.” – Hugh Blumenfeld

May you outlive the end of that story And in Harmony’s banner of light May you walk a long morning in glory Up the hill at the end of the night.

  1. Getaway
  2. I Love You All The Time
  3. Glad Old Man
  4. The Swimmer
  5. Veteran
  6. You Better Get A Lawyer
  7. Balls
  8. Scrapbook
  9. Long Legged Lover
  10. She’s Like The Autumn
  11. If
  12. Survivor
  13. Recall
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