Phoenix Envy: CD
  • Phoenix Envy: CD

Phoenix Envy: CD

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“…he goes an awfully long way toward overturning the prevalent image of folksingers trying to live in a world that never was.” -Renaldo Migaldi, Chicago Reader, “Critic’s Choice”

Calhoun has been writing and performing original music since 1973. Released in 1996, Phoenix Envy is his 5th album.

“Phoenix Envy shows Calhoun’s unique songs at their naked best. They are fine, tough, poems set to music. Except for one song (with Andrew Bird on violin), this is a solo voice and guitar recording. Dancing guitar figures underpin the often dark, dense lyrics, ever reminding us that Calhoun is not a pessimist, but a lusty realist. It is guitar playing that mines the rich veins of Anglo-Celtic ballad tradition with deft, graceful nods to an obvious mentor, Martin Carthy. Calhoun is one of the very few in the current crop of singer-songwriters who knows or cares enough of this rich, subtly powerful tradition. Like those great songs, Calhoun’s are much more than well-told stories; they both illuminate and conceal some of life’s greatest mysteries.” – Dwight Thurston, WWUH

  1. Time
  2. Tunnel Vision
  3. Sparrow Listen
  4. Folksingers Are Boring
  5. No Secret Castle Listen
  6. Here Comes That Lady Again
  7. Never Enough
  8. It’s Not You That I’m Leaving
  9. Journey
  10. Trenches
  11. Lonesome
  12. Freedom Road
  13. Paul Scott Rap
  14. The Model
  15. At The Bar
  16. Sheila
  17. Narnia Song
  18. O My Son
  19. While Jesus Was Waiting To Die
  20. Jack And Jill
  21. When My Time Comes
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